What is Human Breathing System full Information

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Human Breathing System full Information

THE Human Breathing System begins from nose cavities called nostrils.The air from cavity enters into the pharynx and then into the wo tubes called bronchi. Each bronchi isconneced to a lung. In thelungs each bronchi divids into a large number of thin tubes called bronchioles. The bronchioles have a tiny air sac at their ends called alveoli. it is in alveoli where exchange of gases takes place.Human Breathing System

What Breathing System brethe in air, the diaphragm contract which results in the increase in volume of chest cavity.Due to this expansion of chest cavity, The air pressure in the lungs decreases. Thus, air sach of luns get filled with air when we breathe in. The exchange of gases between alveoli and blood takes place by the process of diffusion.

The air present in air sacs of the lungs in rich in CO2. When we breate out air, The diaphragm relaxes which results in the decrease in volume of chest cavity. This contraction pushes the air from the lungs into the trachea, nostrils and then out of the body into air. Breathing in air is called inhalation and breathing out air is colled exhalation.

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