The big bang Theory or Theory of the Great Blast is Real or Not

The big bang Theory is an effort to explain what happened at the very beginning of our universe. Today, about 13.7 billion years ago, a phenomenon which gave birth to a universe called a Great Disaster or Great Blast named The big bang. It can be seen that all those things which we can see can touch even so whom we can not see.

big bang Theory

Nobody knows who is responsible for why Big Bang happened, or we will ever know. But our universe was born only by the Big Bang. How do we know if we have evidence of Big Bang, then let’s know today about where Big Bang theory came from, why do people always consider this theory? Hello Guess, I am Saurav Biswas and Welcome to you in Planet Guide, let’s know about Big Bang Theory.

Birth of a Telescope

Greatest Creation of Human History

These were all started in 1608 when a Dutch Eye Glass maker “Hands Lee Percy” first discovered the idea of ​​a device that could enclose any object by 3 times and that was the birth of a telescope.

Find Center of our Solar System

After this, Italian Polimet Galileo Gallery composed its first telescope in 1609 and it looked towards space, it was the greatest creation of human history, because now everything was going to change.


Galileo was given the Father of Telescope It was said that the telescope has made us capable of looking away from our reach but as always, tried to suppress the truth on religion, Yo observed that some stars that are visible in the night sky are actually the planets and they are also rotating like ours, but not our earth, but the sun then they have told Nicholas Copernicus while supporting the Pleasantrix theory. We do not have our land center, but the sun is the center of our solar system. But this thing considered the church as unprofessional and their life was put in jail for this discovery.

What is Big Bang Theory ?

Big Bang Theory is a scientific theory of the creation of the universe.This theory told us how the universe was created? According to this theory, almost 15 billion years ago the entire physical element and energy were reduced to one point and Then this point started to spread.This theory is credited to a scientist named “Edwin Hubble” who said that the universe is constantly expanding that means the universe has ever been dense.

cosmic microwave background

According to the Einstein General Theory of Relativity, space and time together have created a never-ending cycle of space and time in the world, but in reality it is not exactly flat, but because of the pressure of energy and material goods They are strung together The Big Bang was not an explosion like a bomb blast but the elementary particles of the Universe spread across the entire space and ran away from each other.

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