NASA Find Alien on the Moon and Communicate with Aliens

NASA Find Alien on the Moon | Hello friends, welcome to all of you. Today I want to tell you NASA Find Alien on the Moon and NASA also communicate with Aliens. There are some proof about NASA who hiding the information about Aliens on the Moon or secret of dark side of the Moon.

Secret of Dark side of the Moon

Alien on the Moon

Years ago NASA sent his people to the Moon to collect the data today and could find out if the benefits of earth and life are anywhere or not. Some evidences know that it is not that we are alone, but none other than it remains hidden from the ordinary people. What is the secret of dark side of the Moon. What was so similar to the Moon that NASA has never started a new campaign to go to the moon.

NASA Find Alien on the Moon

Friends, you may be thinking that we look at the moon below but someone is watching us from the moon. Do you think that we are not alone on this entire universe, our creations are just a small planet, and no matter how many planets are there. When Astronaut went to the Moon, they saw that there were many more space crafts on the other, which fly above them and above, they immediately reported this in the head quarters that there was another spaces.

NASA Communicate with aliens

In 1960, NASA’s Apollo mission was sent to the moon. What was the Astronaut who can walk the first step on the moon, the person who is the first step in the world of aliens? ufologists believes that NASA definitely has Communicate with aliens. We all feel that only humans and aliens were confronted by going to Moon, but this had begun long ago.

Why USA Progressed so Fast

Why USA Progressed so Fast

July 8, 1947 Roswell, New Mexico,  UFO was crashed , and as a big fire in NASA, NASA responded promptly and went there and found that the UFO has crashed over there in which all the aliens present died. But one was saved. At that time the USA was in the grip of the Cold War, then they found Alien Air Craft and proved to be very beneficial for the tickless USA. In the next 10 years, we did not realize that why USA progressed so fast. He made New New Technologies. They create a hydrogen bomb as a bombshell of nuclear bombs, and the biggest of them, they created their own power aircraft, with the help of technology.

Mysterious Photographs by NASA

In 1964, NASA launched a satellite called Ranger 7 which sent 4700 viere to the moon and this spacecraft. The Spacruff also sent photos of those who have not been able to send any country till date. NASA has just appeared, but the mysterious photographs, so the aliens are watching that they hide everything.

Space Aircraft on Moon

9650 NASA DOCUMENTS How much James I debate talked about Manaasa First time he saw 1 space aircraft on Moon, Astronaut James told that he went to see that spacecraft clear picture and could not take his picture due to the sun’s sharp reason And told that the spacecraft disappeared immediately and they also told that they had a long-handed alien in the Spacecraft saw. NASA removed the new codes like Fire, Ogi, Santa Claus, so that if the aliens saw them, they could talk through the court and no other space agency could even know.

NASA Find Alien on the Moon

On December 24, 1968, Apollo 8 space had given its mission well in space NASA Find Alien on the Moon, after that something happened between breakdown and Apollo 18 and Apollo 8 said that he saw the alien seen Santa Claus there, right next to his Spacecraft. Then, when Michael Calling went in front of Moon, he saw and said that Monkey Surface is not looking less than a horror movie set. When something was happening between Neil Armstrong and NASA, the light was cut and that too for 2 minutes.

Only then told in a league document that there was an alien showing but NASA ignored that point. When he was going to Moon, he was broadcasting in two channels there in a public and one was personally secretly controlling that if NASA saw such or any such thing, then he cut the public channel and cut his secret conversation can do. But a Rui member of his own convinced the public that he had seen aliens in the space.

Neil Armstrong was also placed in addition to a click on Moon, and two things were kept out of a whole gold-leaf tree and silicon desk with a record message in which 73 world leaders had recorded the message of Vadwelk. Many UFOs believe that the work is a UFO gas on the Moon, which prevents NASA from coming. Those who work on that NASA say that the aliens base on the Moon has clearly told me NASA You are not here and after this you will never dare to come here.

Final words about Alien on the Moon

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