History of Time Machine & Time Travel full information

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History of Time Machine & Time Travel

In 1985 the famous person of England H.G wells has written a book name time machine. In europe everyone shocked by studying this book they think that this was the fake story but in this book wells has compared time machine and time travel in very unique time. After studying this book in whole world some new things are come out to know by which people like this or People talking about this.

History of Time Machine & Time Travel

They make also film on time travel show that time travel is real not fake. After whole world has developed too much but scientist cannot prove that people can do time travel or not. Why this type of Thinking people of all over world are divided into two categories.

Group think that time travel is imagination like fairy tail and other things. And at other group or second group compared time travel to reality means they can do time travel. Some of people tell that time travel is possible, and some of them it cannot be possible.

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Some stories focus solely on the paradoxes and alternate timelines that come with time travel, rather than time traveling itself. They often provide some sort of social commentary, as time travel provides a “necessary distancing effect” that allows science fiction to address contemporary issues in metaphorical ways.

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