9 Natural Harmful Food That can Harm you Cause Death

9 Natural Harmful Food That can Harm you Cause Death That we eat every day. But sometimes these “harmful foods” can cause death. But if you are a little aware then it can be avoided. The names of 9 Natural Harmful food That can Harm you are mentioned below for your convenience.

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9 Natural Harmful Food

Harmful  food

1. Wild Mushroom or Life Style Desk

Wild Mushroom or Life Style Desk

Wild Mushrooms or Life Styile Desk are the favorite food for many delicate. In my childhood we grew fungus in various forest areas of forests; I came to know that this was a mushroom. So say, do not forget to eat mushrooms, do not forget to eat umbrellas.

Although frogs and mushrooms are synonymous, some variation remains but remains. Wild mushrooms which we understand about frogs are not fragile. Some wild mushrooms are very harmful. In some cases may be due to death. Wild mushrooms can cause internal pain in the human body, can vomit, and damage the heart, liver and kidneys too. There is no mushroom that special warnings are required before any wild food.

2. Apple


Do not go to the doctor who plays applescotry every day. Antioxidants in the apple increase the immune system and help keep our body healthy. But the apple beetle contains hydrogen cyanide poison. So if you eat more rice then there can be danger.

3. Toxic Frog umbrella

Toxic Frog umbrella

It’s time to eat frog around the world. But all kinds of umbrellas can not be eaten. Many frogs make toxic. A type of fungus is similar to ‘Amanita Phaloyode’. Some people are also called ‘death fungi’. If you do not cook properly, then this fungus can also cause death. This fungus destroys the kidneys and the liver.


4. Almond


These two types of almonds are found in sweet almonds and bitter almonds. There are plenty of hydrogen cyanides in the comfortable almonds. Playing nuts of seven to ten bitter cousins ​​can cause problems of adults and life can be dangerous for young people. Some countries have announced illegal sale of bitter nuts like New Zealand. In the US, the sale of raw cashew nuts has been banned.

5. Cherry


Cherry is a popular fruit. Blurred gluten-free sweet fruit with eyes Cherry. The size is a bit thicker. The body is a small cage. Green in the raw position, later light yellow and the last black red color. The size of the tree is of medium quality. Cherry is the result of prunus mass.

The cherry is raw or cooked and used in wine making. Cherry leaves and seeds contain toxic substances. When the stolen seeds suck or crush, prolactic acid (hydrogen cyanide) is produced. Do not eat whipped cream when you eat E cherries. This applies to the fruit of plum and peach.

6. Kamarananga


Oxlette rich Vitamin C National fruit, Kamaranga. It usually shines hair, skin, nails and teeth. Acne Prevention in the mouth Kamaranga can not be eaten in an empty stomach. Experts have said that neurotoxins usually do not harm the kidneys in Kamarangara. But if the kidney is bad, poison can damage the kidney more.



7. Nutmeg


Nutritious food is delicious and aromatic, there are also many herbal benefits. If food is not eaten, then it is not bad food. At the beginning of the ninth century, Theodore the Stoodight used to tell his students to eat and drink nourishing food. Both health and meditation will be better. With the use of nutmeg hot spices, different types of sweet or cooking are used.

Nutmeg is also used as a variety of medicines. However, the myelin is on the brain. Generally the quantum nutmem used in cooking is not harmful. But too much food is vomiting, sweating, headache, headache and differentiation.

8. Dried fruits

Dried fruits

Many of us have seen a kind of addiction towards the dried fruits. After washing or washing, we used to fill all these fruits in a very long time. But less fruits are eaten, better health of our health Most of these dry fruits sold in the market in industrial factories using most sulfur and potassium products dry out. Which causes obstruction in digestion. And therefore it is better not to eat more dried fruits for proper digestion.

Experts say that many sulfur use can cause digestive problems. It can also cause stomach problems. The crops that have not been properly preserved can be affected by the type of fungus called micro-toxic, which is dangerous for us.

9. Potato


Potatoes are widely available and various types of food can be prepared because the global demand for potatoes is very high. However, the green granulated potato is harmful to the body. There are toxic substances such as AltaSolanine which are not cured after cooking and burning.

Experts say that throwing green potato pieces is not always safe. Instead, it is better to not use such potatoes. In addition, potato leaves contain glycollo alkaloids. If you keep potatoes in the house for a long time, then you get mixed in it. Glycos are alkaline which increases the exposure of light.

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