10 Interesting Facts of Navaratri that you may not know

10 Interesting Facts of Navaratri: One of the most auspicious Hindu festival is Navratri and it is dedicated to the worship of ‘Durga Maa’. Hello Friend’s My name is Saurav Biswas In this article we have come here for you “25 Interesting Facts of Navaratri that you may not know”. Today through this article we know about 25 Facts of Navaratri.10 Interesting Facts of Navaratri

10 Interesting Facts of Navaratri


  1. In Tamil Nadu, Navratri is known as “Golu.
  2. Hindu Trinity united their supreme powers and created a warrior goddess Durga.
  3. The 9 nights festival of Navratri begins on the first day of Ashwina of the bright fortnight.
  4. Another legend in North India says that Lord Ram worshiped Goddess Durga’s nine forms over nine days.
  5. Navratri is also known as Durga Puja in West Bengal
  6. The important events in Haryana and Punjab is the worshipping of little girls.
  7. In Sanskrit language, the meaning of Navratri is “Nav” means 9 and “Ratri” means NIGHT.
  8. Shakti or feminine power is celebrated or worshiped during the sacred time of Navratri.
  9.  Another Hindu legend states that Navratri is celebrated to mark the nine-day long fight between Lord Ram and his enemy Ravana.
  10. The Dusshera festival immediately follows Navratri to make a 10 day festive occassion in many places.


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